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ZeroG® Mechanical Arm Technology receives UK Innovation Award

Equipois patented technology renders heavy equipment weightless, which reduces injuries, increases productivity and decreases costs in the workplace.

Equipois Inc., United States

The Story:
ZeroG® Mechanical Arm Technology receives UK Innovation Award Equipois Inc., based in Los Angeles, has developed proprietary technology that aims to eliminate costly on-the-job injuries caused by exertion, repetition and strain.

As noted on their website, the zeroG® mechanical arm allows tools, parts and other payloads up to 36 lbs. to be maneuvered as if weightless, but with complete freedom of motion – providing its users with a level of performance that is unmatched by crane-based systems, torque arms and tool balancers. By making tools effectively weightless, the technology can significantly boost productivity, reduce injury costs, and improve quality.

BritWeek 2011 and the British American Business Council's Transatlantic Business Conference recognizes outstanding innovations in technology, design and service provision, and this year the BritWeek UK Trade and Investment Innovation Award was presented to Equipos Inc., for the zeroG® mechanical arm technology.

The award reinforces the Bloomberg Businessweek article profiling Equipois as one of America's Most Promising Startups. The company was named Most Innovative Company, North America by the 2010 International “Stevie” Business Awards and also received the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2010 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award.


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