Problem Solver

Akos Demeter

If I find a problem interesting, I CAN find the answer.

Techniques Akos Demeter Uses:

Reading all relevant materials,
Thinking outside the box,

Akos Demeter's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Green-energy considerations of new power generation systems.
  2. Marketing considerations of new ideas

Akos Demeter's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Model agencies, advertisement agencies, models, marketing agencies tend to find each-other, but their relationship includes many unsolved issues and generates errors and overwork mainly to brand managers.
    Together with a partner we have designed a solution which solves many problems of this situation.
    This project scheduled to finish in summer 2007.
  2. Localisation of user manuals is a hard issue of DTP with changing sentence lengths, terminology management and perfect translation while incoming materials are created with 5 different industry standard DTP softwares.
    I have developed a translation memory system and a know-how that drastically reduces time of DTP translation. It also increases accuracy and reduces price to manufacturers.
    This system solves all problems currently present with well-known CAT systems.
    This project is in everyday use.