Problem Solver

Andrew Dearden

Areas Andrew Dearden is Knowledgeable in:


Andrew Dearden's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I am a fellow of the BMA and Royal College of GPs.
  2. I am a director of the BMA and 2 other smaller companies specialising in medical consultancy and learning.
  3. I was one of the lead negotiators on the new General Practitioner Contract worth £1.9 billion.
  4. I am the BMAs lead negotiator on all UK NHS Pension matters
  5. I am a GP, with a higher degree ie MRCGP

Andrew Dearden's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed an appointment system in my surgery that has allowed excellent access for patients, so much so that we scored amongst the very highest levels in terms of patient assessed access in the whole of Wales, and the UK.
  2. I was part of the leading Local Medical Committee in developing Local Contracts for medical services (Local Develop Schemes) 15 years ago, when these were very much in their infancy
  3. I was one of the lead doctors in designing the new UK wide General Practitioner contract, including the Quality and Outcome Framework.
  4. I was the lead doctor for the BMA during the last 3 years of the NHS Pension Review undertaking with the NHS Employers and DOH. We retained the excellent pension scheme for members, improving their benefits, and retaining the NPA 60.