Problem Solver

Aringo Michael

Areas Aringo Michael is Knowledgeable in:

Health (Tuberculosis, Cancer, molecular basis of most tropical diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.)

I am also interested in agricultural biotechnology especially developing transgenic value added crops/ plants to help reduce poverty in Kenya.

Techniques Aringo Michael Uses:

I adviced the public through science conference to minimise the use of herbal products such as herbal tea, herbal soaps and many other products

I also adviced the public health stakeholders to formulate policies, that will ensure only experts administer herbal medicine to enhance proper use

Aringo Michael's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Formulating research questions in molecular biology
  2. Speech writing
  3. Analytical thinking

Aringo Michael's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. During undergraduate study I discovered that excessive use of herbal medicine can lead to gene mutations inheritable complications