Problem Solver

Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold
The world we live in revolves around the relationships that we embrace. So often we are all locked in our own minds. We constantly attach ourselves to our “unique” ideas. It has been suggested that a good idea is not necessarily an original one, and it’s the execution of that idea which separates us. It seems that far too often good ideas fall to the way side due to the lack of resources available to the inventor. It is not likely that one is capable of handling every aspect of implementation alone. Everyone needs assistance, whether it’s funding, legal, research, or some other expertise, one cannot go alone.
We are all unique. Collaboration is a tried and proved method. We have to work together to make the world we live in better for ourselves and future generations.

So don’t be afraid to share your ideas. The more people you share them with, the closer to reality your ideas will become.

Areas Aaron Gold is Knowledgeable in:

As stated above, I am specifically knowledgeable in what it takes to develop a web application solution from concept to production. This would include projects such as ideaConenction including the ThinkSpace™ solution.

Mobil application developmet I.E held device imddedded development.

Biometric and image analysis systems. I have a specific desire to gain as much experiance as I can with these topics.

Techniques Aaron Gold Uses:

I continue to hone my skills in relation to creative thinking. I am fascinated by the concept of lateral thinking and using those skills have greatly enhanced my ability to think out of the box.

I have never been presented with a problem that I could not solve. If I am not able to solve the problem from my own personal resources, I rely on tapping the relationships that I have built in my career. Networking is a very high priority and will always be a key element in my plan to reach my professional goals.

Aaron Gold's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Mobile application development
  2. Can take a .com project from concept to production without unnecessary overhead
  3. Experienced Graphic Designer
  4. Web application development / mission critical application development
  5. Data mining retrieval and analysis
  6. Experienced Programmer
  7. Developing complex comparison algorythms
  8. A Professional Problem Solver

Aaron Gold's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was approached last year with a problem one of my clients was having with auditing in the hospitality industry. I developed a solution that enabled my client to be able to audit specific data using a fuzzy logic comparison algorithm. The software is intelligent enough to recognize name aliases as well as misspellings in manually entered data. This solution is extremely useful to identify incorrect data entry.
  2. I am involved in research for a government agency. I cannot be specific, in regards to this project, but was asked to develop a solution for a problem that solution seekers didn’t think was possible. I was able to provide a proof of concept within a week of getting the solicitation.
  3. I work in partnership with a company responsible for the development of the Indiana property tax system. I am constantly developing ways of streamlining processes and collecting data that has never been easily obtainable. My role has been VP of development for this company for 7 years. We have been successful and are the only fully certified vendor in our industry.