Problem Solver

Aaron Paa-kow Moses

Aaron Paa-kow Moses

Areas Aaron Paa-kow Moses is Knowledgeable in:

Business, Telecommunication, Marketing, Management, Planning and Strategising.

Techniques Aaron Paa-kow Moses Uses:

The fandamentals of planning (Collection of data on problem + Analysis of Data + Planning = Solution)
Analysis of past events in relation to current trends.
Analysis of human behavior.

Aaron Paa-kow Moses's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Creative Imagination
  2. Consumer behavior
  3. Strategising
  4. Teaching
  5. Communication Skills

Aaron Paa-kow Moses's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a master plan to be use for the development of a new town.
    I was part of a team of planners who developed a plan, with the purpose of revamping the economic and structural state of a town which had just attained District capital status.