Problem Solver

Abdullah Al Maruf

Abdullah Al Maruf
I believe in commitment towards success. I love challenges.

Areas Abdullah Al Maruf is Knowledgeable in:

International marketing of pharmaceutical products

Techniques Abdullah Al Maruf Uses:

My marketing knowledge as well as crisis management knowledge

Abdullah Al Maruf's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Serving as Executive of International Marketing for almost one year
  2. I'm a Pharmacist
  3. Have one and half years experience in Local pharma marketing in Bangladesh
  4. Routinely studying the registration and marketing requirements in different countries
  5. Often developing marketing strategy of my company's products for different countries

Abdullah Al Maruf's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I had a challenge of developing new pharma market in new countries. I started working and developed new pharma market of my company in 3 new countries within 6 months, with 4 additional countries in the pipeline. This helped me develop marketing knowledge for different countries, especially those countries where there is often clashes & armed rebellion within that country.
  2. Different countries all over the world has different requirements for pharmaceutical company registration. It is my routine work to study and gain knowledge about these different requirements.