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Akshat Rathee

Akshat Rathee I am an engineer, an MBA and a 'semi' lawyer who was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug after 5 years in the job market.

I currently run 6 company owned companies (own > 76% share). I am also an investor and a board member in another 7.

All the companies are under the NODWIN Group. The ventures are:
1. NODWIN Consultants
2. NODWIN Artist Management
3. Delicious Marketing
4. Earth-100 Biofuels
5. Launchpad Location Events
6. Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds in the Rough (our inhouse fund) has the following startup ventures under it:
1. Chi Restaurants
2. Kathaa Animations
3. Phokat Copy Student Advertising
4. The Colour Fatcory
5. MobME Wireless
6. 21st Century Hospitality - Running the Urban Cafe and Last Chance clubs
7. NODWIN Hospitality - Running the Quad Club

I am also on the board of advisors of AIESEC, the world's largest student run organization and contribute to society thriugh the Rotary Club as a founder member of a club in India.

Languages Akshat Rathee speaks: