Problem Solver

Alan Siggers

Alan Siggers
I am creative and am able to find solutions for construction and design problems. I have been working with customers in building for 27 years on high end homes.

Areas Alan Siggers is Knowledgeable in:

Construction, Art, Interior Design, Furniture.

Techniques Alan Siggers Uses:

In construction problems constantly arise, examples might be: in remodeling you might open up a wall and it has plumbing in it and then you have to re-think the opening. In design you have to know what products look good together and how to unify the design.

Alan Siggers's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Background education in Architecture and I build and remodel houses, Working on a degree in Art, run a construction business

Alan Siggers's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Many of the solutions I have created arise because of budget constraints or structural problems that might need hidden with a decorative feature. Other problems were solved when architectural drawings do not work as they are drawn. Other solutions to problems arise because of inspectors constraints. Some problems are only aesthetic and need to be honed in order to perfect the design.