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Alberto Contreras star Proven Solver

Alberto Contreras
If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, I may be an invaluable help.
I am confident in my problem solving skills, when coworkers, friends or family need help with any type of problem they know I am always ready to suggest a good and thoughtful solution.

Areas Alberto Contreras is Knowledgeable in:

I am Knowledgeable in Computer repair, High volume reproduction, Stock Market day trading and Martial Arts including most sports.

Techniques Alberto Contreras Uses:

I like to open the machine bypassing the safety sensors and get a good look at the equipment so when the problem happens i can quickly identify the area and what system is involved that needs repair. In many cases i can jimmy the equipment without damaging it further so it continues to produce high volume output until the technician gets there or a part arrives.
due to my understanding of complex machinery I am always the person talking with the technician over the phone and in person discussing what part is broken so he can bring it with him or identifying problem area thus reducing down time.
I have developed many personal problem solving systems throughout the years and am always refining them.

Alberto Contreras's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. fault isolation, diagnostic and repair of high volume reproduction equipment.

Alberto Contreras's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was required to operate, maintain, supply, and trouble shoot hundreds of different copy machines.
    My first training consisted of a complete understanding of the xerographic proses additionally daily tests included instructor removing parts of different high volume reproduction equipment with out my knowledge then requesting that i figure out what part was missing by error codes, copier output, or copier failure without opening up unit.
    I like solving problems, repairing equipment, fixing Jobs, programing equipment, for improved productivity, streamlining the production process, implementing new procedures, identifying production errors..
    These machines have thousands of moving parts and use many different types of systems they are always being upgraded with the newest technology's.
    like the ( Xerox iGen3 110 )