Problem Solver

Aldo Ciappa

Areas Aldo Ciappa is Knowledgeable in:

all aereas where usually the Top Rated Banks are not interested

Techniques Aldo Ciappa Uses:

My experience in the Financial world, at all levels, almost the sectors that usually MCommercial and Merchant banks underestimate or ignore allow me to assist Clients that either ignore how to work with Banks or have been rejected by the Top Banks. In addition I have a full Network in the US - Europe and Asia of connections (Banling Officers, Traders, Financials and government) to who I can go, sure to be received and helped

Aldo Ciappa's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. i have 36 years of experience in Financial & Banking & marketing

Aldo Ciappa's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. There was an Organization in Thailand that needed financing for establish garbage disposal machinery with production of Eletric Power. I created form nothingthe full financing and the development and improvement of the machinery, with my Financial connections.