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Allen Fahden

Allen Fahden
Allen Fahden Bio, Accomplishments and Resume Just on the strength and uniqueness of his ideas, Allen Fahden has gotten the attention of people in groups of up to 50 million. His One-Book Book Store, ReadDundant, appeared in People Magazine, on ABC News, the BBC, National Public Radio and in major city newspapers. The store featured only Fahden’s book in 13 different departments. His promotion for the Portland Beavers, during the Enron scandal (Arthur Andersen Appreciation Night) got him on CNN and ESPN. “It costs $5 to get into the ball game, but we give you a receipt for $10 for tax purposes.” Fahden has worked with clients Paul McCartney on his food venture and Bill Murray on his professional baseball teams. As a speaker he appeared for 20 of the top 100 companies in the world, ranging from Lockheed-Martin to Coca-Cola, GE and Disney. Shell Oil reported that using Allen’s techniques saved them a million dollars per team. Allen’s systems gave Qwest a 38% sales increase and division sales grew from $20 million to $60 million over the next two years. Allen’s profile that streamlines innovation has sold nearly a million copies worldwide. He has written several books, including chapters on strength-based work for the best-selling book The One Minute Millionaire by Chicken Soup for the Soul author Mark Victor Hanson. Allen spoke at the first Fortune Magazine Innovation Forum alongside Warren Buffet and the CEOs of the top Fortune 500 corporations. Clients include: 3M Disney Procter&Gamble Coca-Cola Hewlett-Packard Whirlpool Paul McCartney Maytag GE S.C. Johnson Lockheed-Martin USWest The Associated Press Novartis Pharmaceuticals Tampa Bay Devilrays Eastman-Kodak Blue Cross/Blue Shield JP Morgan Chase GlaxoSmithKline University of Minnesota Deloitte Touche United Health Care American Advertising Federation Direct Marketing Assoc. Apple Wells Fargo Cargill U.S. Bank Gannett Imation Medtronic Fortune Magazine McDonald’s

Allen Fahden's speaking engagements:

Fortune Magazine Innovation Forum
Singapore Innovation Conference
Hundreds of Corporate Meetings