Problem Solver

Allen Hirsh

Allen Hirsh

Areas Allen Hirsh is Knowledgeable in:

liquid chromatography, especially of proteins
thermodynamic stability of proteins
low temperature stress in plants
cryopreservation of tissues

Techniques Allen Hirsh Uses:

I have extensive experience writing custom analytic software for liquid chromatography and protein science. I spent years analyzing biological samples using differential scanning calorimetry, spectrofluorimetry, freeze etch electron microscopy and light microscopy.

Allen Hirsh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Inventor of controlled pH gradient chromatography (2 issued patents in US, 1 in Canada)
  2. Low temperature stress inplants
  3. gradient chromatography
  4. Protein biophysics
  5. bioseparations

Allen Hirsh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. First to apply hyper-exponential Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami kinetics to sudden osmotic and chilling stress in isolated cells. Published two papers
  2. First to apply hyper-exponential Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami kinetics to kinetics of mortality in large populations. Published paper.
  3. Co-discovered the mechanism of cellular cryoprotection by non-penetrating solutes. Published two papers
  4. Discovered that natural intracellular glass formation is complex at very low temperatures, involving formation of multiple glass forming solutions, probably due to spinodal decomposition. Published paper
  5. Discovered a new form of natural cryoprotection in extremely cold resistant plants: vitrification of cellular contents at relatively high subzero temperatures due to extreme concentration of intracellular sugars. Published two papers.
  6. Developed software to analyze multiple CD spectra to assess temperature dependence of protein stability
  7. Developed real-time data spectrum collection software for a Spex spectrofluorimeter
  8. Developed software to continuously collect multiple real time spectra from a Jasco 715 Spectropolarimeter (CD)
  9. Created a novel whole fluorescence spectrum analysis method (FRIBSTA) to characterize the free energy of folding of native proteins at ambient and subambient temperatures in stabilizing and destabilizing solutions (published paper, created analysis software)
  10. co-developed a novel mobile phase pH gradient chromatography system called pISep for computer controlled gradients over wide pH ranges in liquid chromatography (US Pat. 7,790,025)
  11. co-developed (writing all the software) completely new computer controlled dual independent simultaneous gradients in liquid chromatography,i.e. pH and salt, pH and acetonitrile, etc. (U. S. Patent 7,425,263, several peer reviewed publications)
  12. First to apply hyper-exponential Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami kinetics to kinetics of stem cell colony formation from human chord blood. Published paper.