Problem Solver

América González

I’m convinced, and so was Einstein, that the important thing in creativity and innovation is problem posing. There’s a great amount of efforts in solving problems but what you need first is people or experts capable of formulate the problem. Perhaps this formulation is different of the problem you had in mind and you have to change your path or your approach to the problem. Don’t be afraid of it. Problems are as a spider web, and you need people strategically situated. This is the most important people for you, and is vital to give them conditions to make their work and attend their motivations that should be focused in the task rather than in the money.
Accept uncertainty, and even increased it. It’s good to focus in the strategic goals and be open and flexible with the path to obtain them.
Invert in creativity and innovation. The creative people of your team or your organization add value constantly. Be focused in them.

Areas América González is Knowledgeable in:

1-I’m interested in difficulties in comprehensive learning in any area, science learning in children and youths, problems with writing, comprehensive reading.
2- I’m very interested in problem skills, problem posing in industries or any kind of organization, arrangement of team work from different areas

Techniques América González Uses:

“Posing problems strategies based in complex thinking” “Analogical Chains”, “Transforming the wrong analogy in a correct one”, “Non Conventional Ways for enhancing writing” “Significant learning in complex organizations” “The increasing of incertitude for increasing efficiency in organizations” “Reasoning problems through conjectures” and of course others well known in the world of Creativity

América González's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. problem identifier for achieving improvement as facilitator of teams of technicians
  2. Facilitator for transdisciplinar teams engaged in a technical problem for optimizing efficiency in industries
  3. I’m carrying out an innovative understanding of medical problems with Vice Rectory for medical research , Medical University
  4. Problem posing facilitator
  5. In education: Writing and reading comprehension improver through non conventional ways.
  6. In medical education: I’m working in a new educational approach for Cuban medical doctors.

América González's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As author of a methodology for transdisciplinar problem posing and solution applied to water seeking and distribution, in Mexico, in a semi deserted and populated zone.
  2. I’ve worked as problem identifier in Projects for organizational change and improvement in Colombia. That transforms the whole arrangement for obtaining the desired goal of efficiency.
  3. In Industrial innovation:
    -Facilitator of technicians teams for creating Creole “Tool-Machines” for the extractions of parts of complex machinery. This was done in oil refinery industry and the results were extended to sugar, rice, and “henequen” industry.
    Identifier of potential creative problem solvers for structuring multidisciplinary teams for problem solvers in oil refinery industry, based on studies carried on by me in Cuban context, taking in consideration the latest research done in the world and my own studies
    In Education:
    As author and director of the “PRYCREA” Program (it can be found in Googgle) that was applied successfully for learning improvement in Cuba and other countries. PRYCREA was sponsored by UNESCO and the Council “Andrés Bello”. Its main goal was to develop creative and reflective persons. That was not only achieved but recognized with a National Prize.