Problem Solver

América González

The most important thing in creativity and innovation is problem posing. There’s a great amount of efforts in solving problems but what you need is people or experts capable of formulate the problem. Perhaps this formulation is different of the problem you had in mind and you have to change your path. Don’t be afraid of it. Problems are as a spider web, and you need people strategically situated. This is the most important people for you, and is vital to give them conditions to make their work and attend their motivations that should be focused in the task rather than in the money.
Accept uncertainty, and even increased it. It’s good to focus in the strategic goals and be open and flexible with the path to obtain them.
Invert in creativity and innovation. The creative people of your team or your organization add value constantly. Be focused in them.

Areas América González is Knowledgeable in:

Difficulties in comprehensive learning in any area, science learning in children and youths.
Prevention of psychological and behavioral distress in people by the "innovator approach"
Problem approach that comprehends problem finding, problem posing and problem solving” with evaluation of consequences.

Techniques América González Uses:

“Posing problems strategies based in complex thinking” “Analogical Chains”, “Transforming the wrong analogy in a correct one”, “Non Conventional Ways for enhancing writing” “Significant learning in complex organizations” “The increasing of incertitude for increasing efficiency in organizations” “Reasoning problems through conjectures” and of course others well known in the world of Creativity. And "The approach to persons in the borderline of neurosis since the experience of working with innovators"

América González's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. skill for exploring self unknown intelligencies and capacities
  2. skill for creative and sistemic problem solving from a complex point of view
  3. skill for helping people making sense of their lives
  4. Skill forPosing problems and achieving improvement as facilitator of teams of technicians (not necessarily engineers) engaged
  5. In Industrial innovation:Identifier of potential creative problem solvers for structuring multidisciplinary teams for problem s
  6. skill for helping people to avoid psychological depression in uncertain circumstances
  7. In Education: Writing and reading comprehension improvement through non conventional ways, science comprehension improvement th
  8. Skill for working problem finding, problem posing and problem solving as a whole process

América González's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I’ve coordinated groups of people that don’t work or study which psychological state is very near to depression. They didn’t find sense in life or in their own capabilities to escape of neurosis.
    I didn’t work from a clinical approach, but from I’ve had observed and learned in innovators and their ways of coping with adverse situations in life.
    My work with this kind of persons in peril of neurosis has been evaluated as very good. I apply it in my self very often. Life in Cuba is difficult in many peculiar and original ways.
  2. I developed a methodological approach and applied it successfully for children with disabilities for writing, even short sentences. Surprisingly they were in 5th grade and apparently had no difficulties in other areas such as mathematics.
  3. I worked as a problem solver to reduce carbon toxic gases in the Refinery “Ñico López” of Havana with an interdisciplinary team. The Refinery is technologically old, but its workers are very keen in innovation activity.
  4. I’ve designed a methodology to be sure of children and youth technological reasoning and improve it. The results have been evaluated as very satisfactory
  5. I facilitated the team work of a multidisciplinary group that included bio-technologists whose goal was a kind of preserver for transporting milk without refrigeration
  6. I facilitated and behaved as a problem solver in a city of North of Mexico that had very serious difficulties obtaining water. It was a team of economists, engineers, politicians, ecological experts and others. They were experts also in complex thinking but had difficulties for applying that kind of thinking to reality.
  7. carried on a study of Cuban innovators. The results are considered a necessary reference to anyone that enhances in technical creativity in Cuba. After my study the Cuban Academy of Sciences produced several recommendations to protect and foster the work of all Cuban innovators