Problem Solver

Ania Knap

Areas Ania Knap is Knowledgeable in:

drug discovery in any therapeutic area

Techniques Ania Knap Uses:

independant research
group/team interactive problem solving
drawing upon experts I know in different fields which I've worked with in the past

Ania Knap's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. biotech financing startups
  2. biotech start up management
  3. Enzymology

Ania Knap's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have raised >$2M nondilutive funding for start up biotech and biopharmaceutical companies
  2. I have purified and characterized proteins through physical and biochemical methods including chromatography, electroelution, and size exclusion, metqal ion dependance, etc.
  3. I have developed enzyme assays to use for HTS and characterization of proteins and enzyme mechanisims.
  4. I have successfully intergrated scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, crystallography, computational biology into an integrated drug discovery unit that has successfuly moved compounds into drug development.