Problem Solver

Anjana Anand

Once you Approach me, you will surely get a more than satisfactory solution and you will keep coming back

Areas Anjana Anand is Knowledgeable in:

Social Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Techniques Anjana Anand Uses:

Identify the root of the problem
Define the steps required to solve the problem
DEfine the audience
Identify the resources and plan resource allocation
Identify risk factors/obstacles
Work out solutions
Plan the monitoring process and duration

Anjana Anand's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Monitoring
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation and evcaluation of a project
  4. Managing clients
  5. Writing of materials/matter/collateral
  6. Research
  7. Report Writing
  8. Generation of Resources
  9. Team Management
  10. Solving interpersonal issues
  11. Information sourcing
  12. Advice on parenting, childcare

Anjana Anand's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Successfully managed clients while at IPAN, Mumbai. Most difficult clients assigned.
  2. Started an e-newsletter for over 5000 employees of Monsanto in Asia Pacific that involved, collection of information, collation of information, editing and designing the newsletter for distribution purposes
  3. A youth program was planned for 8000 youth in West Bengal giving them exposures to proposal writing, planning finances, implementing a project, leadership training.
  4. I could plan and implement a program from scratch in a slum area in Delhi. In a year's time, 6 education centers reaching out to 200 plus street and working children were running everyday. When we started, no centers existed.