Problem Solver

Annabel Meade

Annabel Meade

Areas Annabel Meade is Knowledgeable in:

Financial trading
Design and detailing in interiors, exhibition and furniture

Techniques Annabel Meade Uses:

Thinking logically.
Identifying the problem and what the solution could be and finding a way to achieve the solution.
Breaking up a big problem into smaller pieces which together will produce the required result.
If there are a team of people, brainstorming a problem and then allocating smaller tasks for individuals to complete, having the end goal in mind.
There is no such thing as can't!

Annabel Meade's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Researcher and writer within architecture, automotive industry and financial trading industry
  2. CAD drawings and 3D computer modelling/rendering
  3. Planning applications including DDA requirements
  4. Concept design and detailing of interiors,exhibitions,furniture and some architecture
  5. Creative and logical approach
  6. Web site research and design/seo/social media
  7. Sketching
  8. Mac and PC knowledge
  9. Forex trading principals and strategies

Annabel Meade's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. ITSU Piccadilly London. I was asked by the owner to design the new store. I was working with a team of builders and two clients including the owner. I wanted to design an internally illuminated 15m long, central table. As a team we solved problems of heat build up, maximum length of material without being a hazard, how to piece the lengths together without seeing the joint and inter-changing the smallest tube lights possible for replacement.
  2. I found I needed to buy a PC to install fiancial trading industry software not available for the Mac. I only had one internet connection but 2 computers. I found out how to network my PC through my Mac using a USB hub.
  3. I was asked to design an exhibition unit to appear at Madame Tussauds in New York. The design had to be cheaply built, dismantable to fit into a lift appature, have access for disabled and able to stand freely. The design was to hold a wax works figure, advertising banner for accompanying film release, sound, lighting and for the visitor to have a photo taken with the figure. came up with a good, workable solution which I then drew up full working drawings on CAD. I had 4 days to design and detail before the drawings were taken over to New York and construction started immediately.