Problem Solver

Arnold Fajardo

People seeking solutions should consider professionals with demonstrated competencies both in terms of skills developed through training and practices, and results generated over time. Experts are not born overnight. They grow over time.

Areas Arnold Fajardo is Knowledgeable in:

Assessement and evaluation of Organization's Systems of Internal Control, detection, investigation and prevention, of fraud, and reduction and control of organizations costs and potential losses.

Techniques Arnold Fajardo Uses:

Some of the problem solving tools and techniques I use depending of the underlying problem in question:
Cause and effect analysis, time and motion studies, flowcharting, One On One interviews, questions and answer sessions, observations and analysis , surveys, computer aided audit techniques ( CAATS) and a self-invented model

Arnold Fajardo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Cost control, loss prevention and control, Internal auditing, fraud detection, investigationn, and prevention

Arnold Fajardo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem: Increasing Refinery Fuel and Loss ( for a major petroleum company).
    My role: as the team leader of a 3-member audit team dispatched to investigate the problem.
    What the team did: Gathered data, analyze data, interviewed people, conducted occular inspections and observations of various processes and documentations affecting the oil refinery operation from crude oil receiving, storage, refining, ship loading, shipping to billing.
    Results: the team was able to identify issues and causes never brought up to the table. The team recommended an innovative way of analyzing Refinery Fuel and Loss, called The 3 Point System In Accounting and Monitoring of RFL.
    The refinery has adopted for several years since then and for the first time, an internal audit team was given commendation memo ( citation) from te company's CFO.

    There were other samples I wish I could elaborate:
    These are for major food and beverage company.