Problem Solver

Atanas Gergishanov

Atanas Gergishanov
May be I can help

Areas Atanas Gergishanov is Knowledgeable in:

Home Networking
Small business Networking
Windows administration and maintance
MS SQL server administration and maintance

Techniques Atanas Gergishanov Uses:

learning circumstances in order of aperiance and steps taken bebore the problem exists

Atanas Gergishanov's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. analytical cogitation
  2. good targeted observation how stuff works
  3. very long experience with computer hardware and software
  4. very good knowledge/experience to solve common and advanced computer problems of any kind

Atanas Gergishanov's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Please define word significant: I don''t know for me is significant to solve every problem of IT nature. I work as QA for health insurance software.