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Babubhai R. Patel

Babubhai R. Patel
The Patent was filed for two inventions one is “ WAVES COLLECTOR MACHINE” which was used to running the Boat without fuel, through waves energy. And onother was second invention is “ WAVES POWER PROJECT” used generating huge electricity from sea waves. The patent application No. 1997/MUM/2006 and second was No. 746/MUM/2007 respectively. The first application is under process and second was removed from patent process due to non filing of examination application within time limit.
The Patent was not filed for third invention “ SOLAR WATER PUMP” as the said invention is not develop prototype. The sketch of said invention was submitted to the <GE challenge.Ecomagination.Ideas> and selected by them for further development. Patent procedings was also conducted by them.
The forth invention title “ INNER FIRE ENGINE” not develop prototype b ut under imagination. The design of main parts already decided and imagined. In this Engine the piston rotating round instead of up-down manner as like present system. I presumed that , this system helepful to increase average of fuel consumption. This is not a rotary engine. I have examine various engines from web site since from 1930, my imaged engine is already different from all. I am interested to discuss with intresting party.

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