Problem Solver

Brad Yost

Hello all, I'm here to help you! I work well with a team. I like to lead projects that are high powered and bring a strong solution to the customer.

Areas Brad Yost is Knowledgeable in:

Engineering Applications, Business Solutions, General Problem solving

Techniques Brad Yost Uses:

Design for Six Sigma
Design of Experiments

Brad Yost's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Accelerated Testing
  2. Presentations / High powered presentations
  3. I am a problem solver at the automotive company
  4. Rapid Prototype parts
  5. Testing techniques
  6. Corrosion / Durability applications
  7. Product Reliability
  8. Educational design and training
  9. Technical Writing

Brad Yost's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a new routine to correlate Analysis results with real world testing. We developed an analysis model that employs the use of variation into the model and builds a "What if" routine to look at possible outcomes. Using the new routines and experiment, we have been able to account for major impacts by parts in any enviroment (variation, weather, etc. )
  2. Vehicle incident where we needed to accelerate corrosion normally found on vehicle. I developed a procedure to simulate vehicle dynamics in an accelerated corrosion enviroment.
  3. Able to develop a rapid prototype parts in a prototype that underwent testing like a normal production part. Was able to quantify loads between RP part and real parts by modulus of material and flexure strength. Able to build RP parts and project out failure modes that will happen on production parts.