Problem Solver

Brandon Talbot Talbot

Brandon Talbot Talbot
I am very passionate about people and how we work and what makes us do what we do. I use that knowledge and passion to present practical solutions to everyday problems. I am eager to be involved in creative work and would do this full time if opportunity permitted

Areas Brandon Talbot Talbot is Knowledgeable in:

Magic performance, human behavior, marketing, movie plots, comedy, teaching

Techniques Brandon Talbot Talbot Uses:

I typically step back with any problem and think what is the end result desired, from there I see what progress is there and if need be scrap any "progress" to move to a better way of achieving the result. You cant be committed to the process just the outcome.

Brandon Talbot Talbot's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I love perfoming and creating magic effects so if something needs to look good be functional and hidden from general site I can
  2. I have a creative mind for fabricating an item out of other things that may not be specifically for that purpose.

Brandon Talbot Talbot's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I design and build things from scratch, mostly using unrelated items such as turning a suitcase into a fold away performance table, and a trunk into a rolling cabinet. I am very good at thinking challenges through and right now am only limited by the tools I have at my disposal for inventing