Problem Solver

Brian Husted

Brian Husted

Areas Brian Husted is Knowledgeable in:

System dynamics, controls, vehical dynamics, machine design, Internal combustion engines

Techniques Brian Husted Uses:

1. Brain storming with a group of up to 5 persons. Requires a minimum of 10 ideas generated by group before any idea is evaluated. Silly or nonsensical ideas are encouraged. Several ideas are selected and a decision matrix is formulated and used to select the most desirable solution.

2. A patent search, internet search, and literary searches are conducetd to see if the problem has already been addressed and to learn about other possible solutions or tools that may be of help.

3. Collected information is shared among team members, Several ideas are selected and a decision matrix is formulated and used to select the most desirable solution path.

4. Team members divide up the work load and proceed with developing a solution - remaining in frequent comunication regarding progress or any surfacing problems.

Brian Husted's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Design / prototype of off road vehicals (sand rails)
  2. Failure Anallysis of parts
  3. Analysis of dynamic systems such as vehical components/drive train/ brakes
  4. Analysis of systems/controls using "Maple" as a tool
  5. Anaysis of systems/controls/ machine elements using "Excell" spreadsheets
  6. Anaysis of systems/controls/ machine elements using "MathCad"
  7. Experiance as an industrial electrician/electronics tech./ Mechanic at a plastics company
  8. Experianced welder /fabricator for automotive specalty parts
  9. Experianced electronic technician - 25 years in avionics
  10. Some experiance with sand casting aluminum and iron

Brian Husted's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem: Steering on a motor cycle powered off road vehical design - full susspension travel (+18 inches) produced significant changes in toe in/ out adversely affecting control and tire wear.

    Solution: changed steering control geometry to correct problem.
  2. Problem: Vehical owners complained of high replacement parts costs for after market Porsh constant velocity joints (replacements ~$140/ea).

    Solution: modified design so that owners have a choice of using ether "constant velocity joints" or "a Spicer Universal joint" system (replacements ~$20 ea.).
  3. Problem: Vehical owners experiancing failures of U-joint bearings.

    Solution: Examined failed bearing components and found the material used in the bearing cross did not have an adequate yield strength, the unit was of Chinese manufacture. It was recomended to the owner to use only Spicer replacement parts.
  4. Problem: Custom off-road vehical owner compained of bent front axles.

    Solution: Examined front knuckels/axles and determined that axles had been fabricated using AISI 1018 cold rolled steel. Recomended that they be replaced with units constructed from AISI 4140 and be heat-treaded according to specific directions obtained from the Heat Treaters Bible, and tested for hardness.