Problem Solver

Brian Jeffries

what are you trying to do, research and learn as much as you can on what you are doing, remember knowledge is power & power is knowledge,the more knowledge and understanding you have the easier it will be to solve problems, most of the time you already have the answer you just don't know it if you know how something works you can fix it, just a matter of finding that simple piece to the puzzle, I have found that people think in one direction ( its how their taught) open your mind and think in many directions, theres not just 1 way to do something

Areas Brian Jeffries is Knowledgeable in:

automotive and heavy equipment, hydraulics, electrical,powertrains,fabricating, designing,moving, engineering ( fishing boats) challenges that tax all of my knowledge

Techniques Brian Jeffries Uses:

work to be done,or what are you trying to do, if you know that , than you have a starting point, or a direction to start from, undrestand what the problem is and work towards the solution, by learning more knowledge, different points of views, there are many many options

Brian Jeffries's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Diesel and heavy equipment mechanics, automotive mechanics, heating air conditioning and refrigeration systems, welding fabrica

Brian Jeffries's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. tough to provide an answer, solved many mechanical problems that were caused by poor design and human error. built distributers from scratch. hydraaulic manifold that had an internal crack. find faults in wiring systems that nobody could find because they didnt take the time to understand the system, built hydraulic systems to do specific jobs