Problem Solver

Bright Twesigye

I am willing to offer all what i have to solve your problems that are in my expertise. You are welcome.
Thank you

Areas Bright Twesigye is Knowledgeable in:

Environment, Design, construction, Biotech, Biomass, Society etc

Techniques Bright Twesigye Uses:

Literature review, sampling, experimentation, prototypes, discussion, installation and testing.

Bright Twesigye's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Machines design (mechanical engineering)
  2. Marketing in banking sector (marketing banks products), social services etc
  3. Plants biomass and plants productivity measurement and harvests
  4. Environment research, expertise in hydrology, edy covariance systems, wetland plants
  5. software system designs ( software development)
  6. Biotechnology (Constructed wetlands for water filtration systems)

Bright Twesigye's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed and developed an instrument used to measure water profiles that is still being used at the highest institution (Makerere University) in Uganda for students research.
  2. I have successfully built up a constructed wetland system for filtering the largest abattoir water in Uganda using a highly mechanized aeration system.
  3. I successfully setup an eddy covariance system to measure various gases in exchange papyrus wetland in Uganda, using sonic system, quantum sensor, humidity pressure, heat fluxes and data logger for data collection. this was to understand the gas lease in the contaminated wetland at a given time time which affects the climate change.