Problem Solver

Bruce Cotton

Here is what clients & colleagues have said:
· “…a fountain of ideas, and contributing a dimension that none of us on the team have. Your positive nature, and soft assertiveness is greatly appreciated.”
· “…an intelligent, insightful, honest person who is candid, hard working and highly competent. He produced nationally recognized television..”
· “…I trust your judgment so much more than a lot of those expensive California consultants. You are versed on so many fronts, and are so able to offer advice on such a wide range of thought tracks or subjects. I would trust your insights and skills in any venue…”
· “…His ideas are based on good, solid educational practices, and are refreshing in this time of doing it quicker and cheaper…”
· “…His outstanding ability to think outside the box while acknowledging challenges and obstacles head-on is nothing short of remarkable, placing his clients in the position of being ahead of the curve…”

Areas Bruce Cotton is Knowledgeable in:

Resort development, healthcare, medical marketing, spa marketing, new business development. Media - radio, TV, online. Turn around situations.

Techniques Bruce Cotton Uses:

Project management - virtual/online, phone, physical visits
Design charettes - determining best use for a project, helping to create the vision
Pulling together resources, and managing the execution

Bruce Cotton's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. facilitate/moderate design charettes for projects
  2. project manager, concept development, brand development, new business development, marketing, Internet marketing

Bruce Cotton's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. · Branding, and introduction of one of the most successful senior living centers, with assisted living as well as Alzheimer facility
    · Crisis PR management
    · Creation of client online social membership network websites
    · Complete branding and introduction of a new Cancer Treatment Center
    · Multi year work for the largest home health agency in NC
    · Multi year work for the 6th largest hospital in NC
    · Robust hospitality website development w/ reservation & cross promos
    · Multi year work with the 5th largest county government in NC
    · National public service campaigns
    · Ongoing nurse recruitment campaigns
  2. · Complete branding and roll-out/introduction of an Open Heart Surgery Center
    · Offshore marketing for resorts, second home communities, as well as product introduction into the US market from international locations
    · Re-branding/complete retool of a reputation challenged high-end national club, and rebooting their membership sales
    · Complete branding and roll-out of a new Labor and Delivery (LDRP) Patient Tower
    · National online banner, search and display placement and campaigns
    · Branding, budgeting, and complete national marketing campaign and sales of multiple high-end resort and second home communities
    · Marketing campaigns for diagnostic centers, outpatient medical centers, psychiatric facilities, and other non-hospital based medical services