Innovative People

Calvin S. Mathew

cancer research, Stem cell research, Downstream process technology

Research Experience:
Trainee, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology Oct. ‘08 - Jan. ‘09
•Guide: Dr. Jackson James, Scientist C, Neural Stem Cell Biology Laboratory
•Research Project: “Development of a system to differentiate between neuronal and glial precursors using fluorescent proteins”.
•A dual fluorescent reporter vector for differentiating both neuronal and glial precursors from a mixed population of cells was developed. This project leads to the development of a new strategy for sorting and enrichment of neuronal cells from a mixed population.
M. Tech. Student, SRM University, Chennai July ‘10 - Apr. ‘11
•Guide: Dr. M.P. Rajesh, Prof. & Head, Dept. Bioprocess Eng., SRM Univ.
•Research Project: “Aqueous two-phase extraction of penicillin-G from fermentation broth and optimization using response surface methodology.”
•This study was used to develop a method for Penicillin-G extraction from fermentation broth with minimum product loss and maximum efficiency. The work involved the use of aqueous two-phase extraction, fungal culturing and statistical software, Minitab-14 for design of experiments.