Problem Solver

Carla Meadows

Areas Carla Meadows is Knowledgeable in:

medical sales and marketing ($10,000) took one concept from development, sold the idea to management, went to the national level and is used currently nationwide, everyday.
Other projects vary for participation for flexible amounts.
ID Theft ( 5,000)
Others ( may be as low as $500.
Took another concept from infancy and developed it, used mostly in the Real Estate Market for advertising. I took this to a trade show at a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Hampton Roads VA and one business owner grabbed the idea and concept. I also marketed this to pharma too.

Techniques Carla Meadows Uses:

Project Management/Financial/Data Analysis/Sales Skills:
• Project Manager for entire dvd project: wrote the script, hired videographer, edited the video, coordinated/edited the cover graphics, hired the production company while meeting strict timelines and deadlines.
• Performed project management duties in all aspect of building more than two companies.
• Examined business financial records, including payroll records, accounting books, and inventory and equipment records to determine fraud and the extent of fraudulent activity.
• Performed record audits to gather information to be used to evaluate billing, accuracy and employee performance.
• Used databases to compile and analyze information for targeting, sales goals, forecasting, projects and outcomes.
• Compiled information from various sources to be used in project reporting.
• Analyzed complex problems and reformulated them to make into a simple step process for presentations.
• Used of a wide range of communications concepts, principles, procedures, and practices to review, analyze, and resolve difficult and complex problems.
• Ability to communicate orally to deliver and present reports/concepts/information. .
• Tracked and reported on variances between costs and budgeted funds.
• Organized, planned, designed, researched, and developed, my DVD-video project on identity theft prevention.
• Devised a curriculum and necessary training aids to organize, plan, prepare, and deliver training.
• Wrote manuals for training/education purposes.
• Coordinated an entire DVD project, meeting guidelines/restrictions and budget/ time restraints.
• Interacted with Politicians, customers and government authorities to promote, advertise/promote video.
• Resolved critical problems and developed new approaches and techniques.
• Responsible for budgeting spending to be reported to management
• Used information technology to develop spreadsheets, advertisements, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and utilized Microsoft Office and other technology tools/software.
• Performed market surveys and performed sales/ advertising.
• Incorporated into job activities: public speaking, event planning, event coordinator, event director.
• Identified new business opportunities to include nationwide changes in the promotion of a new concept resulting in industry changes reaping millions of dollars in the retail/pharmaceutical sector.
• Analyzed data and sales trends.
How to projects.
Wrote manuals on how to start projects, take concepts and put them into practice to a realistic usable $ return.

Carla Meadows's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist/ Certified Teacher/Counselor/P.I.r/Author/ Sales Pro/DVD/Inventor/Lyricist

Carla Meadows's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. ID Theft prevention since 2006. Pharma/Medical sales since 1986.
    Private Investigator since 2009.
    DVD on id theft since end of 2008.