Problem Solver

Carla Meadows

Areas Carla Meadows is Knowledgeable in:

ALL that involve logical solutions but not interested in chemical equation solutions.
Love to find solutions to problems.
Will tackle all paying jobs.

Techniques Carla Meadows Uses:

Every aspect of a dvd production. Marketing of the dvd. Marketing of pharmaceutical and two medical businesses that I owned.
RX campaign in the pharmacy level to fill military dependent rx's.
Numerous projects.
Solutions resolution.
Security solutions.

Carla Meadows's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Award winner Pharma Pharma won creative selling award& MULTI AWARD winner ( 20 years exp) DME owner Businesses, Counselor,
  2. Certified ID THEFT SPECILIST- Wrote script & pubished dvd. INFO on FTC website on “How ID THEFT OCCURS ” mine... i wrote an

Carla Meadows's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed concepts for a pharma companies to increase sales in millions by adding a new campaign and dimension to the product promotion. The concept is now used daily and nationwide by every pharma company and retail chain.
    I am creative in targeting and positioning products to be successful.
    During the mid 80's, I started doing local programs and nurses programs that lead to a change in the way pharma reached more Physicians and Nurses.
    I produced the information, dvd and arranged all the work detail for my dvd including the graphic arts for my dvd: ID Theft: First Line of Defense in the dvd format. My work was published on the FTC website although, I have the copyright, they did not list my name.
    Project Management- many projects, mucho event Planning -meetings and collaboration and orchestration.
    Author in working- several new books to include one on banking.