Problem Solver

Cathy Skora

The possibilities are endless when it comes to solution finding. Like an artist looking at a flower, each situation can be approached and looked at from different perspectives and angles.

Areas Cathy Skora is Knowledgeable in:

Diverse Marketing, Employment Training, Workplace Skiills, Inquiry based Lesson Planning, Arts in Education. Arts integration Programming, Creating ice Breakers, Workshop Development, Program Development, Project Managment

Techniques Cathy Skora Uses:

Creative thinking, Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Resource Groups, Research

Cathy Skora's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Marketing Design
  2. Arts in education curriculum development
  3. Inquiry based lesson planning
  4. Facilitate transformational thinking workshops
  5. Supervisory Practice & Protocol
  6. Volunteer Staff Development
  7. Project Management
  8. Direct not for profit organization
  9. Grant Writer
  10. Merketing Development
  11. Employment Skill Readiness program Development
  12. Development of inmate job readiness programs
  13. Writer
  14. Produce & Direct Special Events
  15. Workshop leader

Cathy Skora's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As Executive Director of a small not for profit arts organization the economic down turn had a very negative effect oin our organization. I turned "lemons into lemonade" by developing an arts in education arm or our organization which within 2 years had th eorgnaization finanically solvent.
    Additionally, I assisted in expanding the services of a local resume &counseling company to develope services for inmates which enhanced the finanical and service growth of the ocmpany significnalty.
    These are 2 examples of how I used creativity to turn problems into solutions.