Problem Solver

Chad Hardaway

Areas Chad Hardaway is Knowledgeable in:

Chemical Process Engineering and Production Management
Distillation Troubleshooting and Design
Statistical Process Control
Chemical Process Control system design
Intellectual Property Protection and Management
Licensing agreement negotiation, drafting, and execution
Research contract negotiation, drafting, and execution
Technology sourcing and identification

Techniques Chad Hardaway Uses:

Root Cause Failure Analysis
Total Quality Management
Statistical Process Design and Control

Chad Hardaway's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business Planning and Strategy development
  2. Chemical Process Unit Operation Design and troubleshooting (Process Engineering)
  3. Engineering Process Management - Startup/ Shutdown/ Operations
  4. Technology/ IP mining, protection, valuation, marketing, and licensing skill and practice
  5. Advanced understanding of PEM, Solid Oxide fuel cells and hydrogen storage media
  6. Advanced understanding of materials, methods, and analysis of Nanotechnology
  7. Practice and skill in negotiating and executing sponsored research contracts
  8. Heat and Material Balance Experience, especially in steam, dowtherm system design and troubleshooting
  9. Training and experience in Root Cause Failure Analysis

Chad Hardaway's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -Wrote and was awarded EDA Center Grant for development of entrepreneurial ecosystem which provided funding of $430K over three years
  2. -Implemented process solution to reduce emissions and natural gas usage. This solution yielded annual cost savings of 1.5 M$.
  3. -Led team that discovered root cause of quality problem in chemical process. Prevented quality downgrade of more than 18 Mlbs of product. Cost savings of 1.8 M$.
  4. - Developed and implemented a technology harvesting strategy to increase average number of university invention disclosures from 45 to 65 per year.