Charles John Bhaskar star Gold Solver

Charles John Bhaskar

Charles John Bhaskar's Training:

Chemistry, analytical methods and natural products, biotechnology, microbiology, life sciences areas. My undergraduate degree was in Biochemistry, with Physics and zoology as subsidiaries. Besides, aquaculture at Masters level my research was in microbial products, bacterial toxins, basic recombinant DNA technology, hybridoma technology, nutritional analysis, etc are the strength. My doctorate was in mechanism of action of bacterial toxins.

I also worked on High Altitude physiology, filarial diagnostics, effluent treatment, Pulsed Magnetic Field, etc., to name a few areas in which I had worked. I was holding several government Fellowships such as Junior Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow and Research Associate under different Ministries until I took up a post of Scientist in a leading Pharma Industry.

Charles John Bhaskar's Experience:

Development and commercialization of probiotics for aquaculture, many aquaculture products, herbal cosmetics, herbal medicines, etc.

My research experience include bacterial toxins, design of reactors, effluent treatment, green technology development, nurtaceuticals from sea, marine biotechnology, etc.

Project management, troubleshooting in process, bioprocess are other areas of my expertise. I have been involved in practically solving problems and developing several products which are marketed by our company as well as companies which bought my technologies.

I have also solved many day to day problems and won 17 awards so far, for innovation challenges at ideaconnection and I am one of the Star Gold Solvers. Since I am one of the top solvers in the Idea Connection, I understand how ideas come up, how motivating and facilitating can bring out the best from solvers. I have also been a Finalist in the Global Energy Storage Challenge organized by Omnicompete, held in London in October , 2011 as one of the 7 finalists. As far as facilitation goes I have facilitated challenges from various fields including agriculture, molecular biology, medicine and engineering.

Charles John Bhaskar's Experience with Online Groups:

Through our own website www.indiainnovation.in we helped many. I had also guided many students in their innovative college projects, challenges for business model development for groups of students.

I have been faciltating teams for the Ideaconnection too. Moreover, my subject background and knowledge on wider areas of science and technology comes handy in facilitating various groups, which probably only a few facilitators can boast of. Also I have exposure to methodologies such as TRIZ, Brainstorming, Bionics methods which are added advantage. Besides, across India I am invited as a Motivational Speaker among the students and staff of Colleges and Universities. I am also an Innovation Trainer and conducts several workshops on innovation methodologies in various institutions. I facilitate my team through several teasers which take them closer towards solutions besides helping them to critically analyse the problem, split them in parts and putting them together like a jigsaw puzzle. These I hope make me a good Facilitator for varied groups.