Problem Solver

Chris Cassidy

Areas Chris Cassidy is Knowledgeable in:

General computing with 15+ years experience using Windows, Mac and Linux with experience in manipulating software and hardware.

Techniques Chris Cassidy Uses:

Listening to what the problem is and then trying to recreate it to understand it better.

Advancing the problem by increasing it (Example. By adding more to it or modifying it to achieve the same or greater problems).

Analyzing and documenting all known problems and possible future problems with as specific details as possible.

Develop as many possible solutions as possible to address the issues.

Trial of solutions and further analysis of success and failure rates of solutions.

Employment of successful solutions and further analysis to ensure quality of chosen solution and possible further improvements.

Chris Cassidy's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. determined
  2. analytical

Chris Cassidy's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed methods of quality assurance where there was otherwise none in a national call center specializing in food services.