Problem Solver

Chris Hoffmann

Chris Hoffmann
You won't find a more creative, hands on problem solver

Areas Chris Hoffmann is Knowledgeable in:

Transportation, audio engineering, mechanisms, making complex systems more simple

Chris Hoffmann's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Advanced design
  2. Linkages
  3. Mechnisms
  4. Automation
  5. Automotive industry
  6. Machine design
  7. manufacturability

Chris Hoffmann's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Designed and developed a deployable communications product line to allow the US military to reliably transport all IT infrastructure normal to the office out to the battle field. Advanced software allowed less trained personnel to to configure and operate the system under high stress environments.
  2. Big picture, creative, results driven, innovator, core technology, product design and fifteen years in automotive industry as machine designer and project manager. Visual concepts and precise mechanical solutions, extensive understanding of manufacturing processes, design for manufacturability, supply chain logistics, sourcing and how to apply the right technology to the right use-case. Excellent communication, presentation and proposal writing skills built on an engineering background to grasp complex technical challenges and turn them into executable business opportunities.
  3. Designed an project managed the build of over 100 million in special machines for the auto industry. Solved many manufacturing and process challenges that allowed new parts to be made for less money.
  4. Developed a one wheeled personal transportation vehicle. Designed and hand built all mechanical structures and body design. Collaborated with software engineer to complete control system. Riding bike now.
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