Problem Solver

Chris Mayo

I have 25 years design and development experience for large and small companies ranging from Formula 1 racing to medical devices. Since 1995 I have operated as an independent contractor and consultant.

I am independantly minded and not afraid to suggest unusual ideas and solutions. However, I am also well used to fitting in with teams when required. I consider that I have good all round knowledge which helps to work creatively in a problem solving envioronment

Areas Chris Mayo is Knowledgeable in:

Smart Battery packs and technology
Medical devices
Automotive systems
Embedded systems

Techniques Chris Mayo Uses:

First principle design
Brian storming

Chris Mayo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Assembly language
  2. Electronic Design
  3. Project Management
  4. Circuit Design
  5. Product Development
  6. Feasibility Studies
  7. Circuit Analysis
  8. Schematic Capture
  9. Printed Circuit Board Layout
  10. Analog Design
  11. Digital Design
  12. Specifications
  13. Technical Documantation
  14. Battery Pack Design
  15. Testing
  16. Project Planning
  17. Debugging
  18. Used to remote working and virtual teams
  19. Communication Skills
  20. Sensor Interface Design and Development
  21. System Design
  22. Requirement Capture
  23. FMEA and Reliability Studies
  24. Smart Battery Chargers and Technology
  25. Good knowledge of firmware development
  26. Excel VBA
  27. Venom SC code development
  28. Microprocessor system design
  29. Power supplies
  30. Controller design
  31. D to A and D to A convertion data acquisition and processing

Chris Mayo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 25 years of solo and team experience of product design and development.
    Recent projects:-
    Developed an improved solution for detection of air bubbles in Intravenous drug infusion therapy.
    Specified designed and developed a battery solutions for a server system including a novel battery performance diagnostic algorithm.
    Created a work around solution to a flaw in a smart battery monitoring integraded circuit manufactured by an major semiconductor company.
    Other significant projects:-
    Reverse engineered an obsolete integrated circuit in the form of a thick film hybrid.
    System engineer on the development of a custom chip for an incircuit test system node forcing driver.
    Designed and developed as project leader and hardware designer an automotive CAN bus network analyser with exceptionally low power standby mode and high operating temperature.