Problem Solver

Christopher Cullis star Gold Solver

Areas Christopher Cullis is Knowledgeable in:

Plant genetics, genetically modified plants, epigenetics, DNA instabilities, gene expression, stress responses, science education in the developing world, Science entrepreneurship

Techniques Christopher Cullis Uses:

I can integrate disparate facts and information to generate new insights
I use information from various sources to compile new hypotheses
I listen to differing views and assemble a more complete picture to solve the problems and then test them

Christopher Cullis's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I have skills in DNA analysis by renaturation, PCR and bioinformatics
  2. I employ genetic analysis including QTL analysis in my research
  3. I have experience in analyzing biotechnology businesses and a range
  4. Biotechnology Entrepreneurship education development
  5. Broad range of plant species analyzed
  6. Gene expression analysis
  7. Methods for screening and domestication of new crops

Christopher Cullis's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a patented method for identifying molecular markers for tissue culture derived mutations
    I have developed a patentable method for identifying markers that will be variable in the set of genetic material of interest
    I have developed a program to domesticate a native plant used by the San bushmen
    I have developed a Biotechnology Entrepreneurship program that has increased human capacity and investment within and outside the local area.
    I have consulted on the release of genetically modified organisms