Patent Holder

Clark Dale

U.S. Patent # 4665027. 1987. An Immobilized cell Reactor with Simultaneous Separation and Methods for Design and Use Thereof.

U.S. Patent #5,141,861. 1992. Method of Use of a Multi-Stage Reactor with Simultaneous Separation.

U.S. Patent # 6,861,348. 2005. A High Speed Low Effluent Fermentation Process for Ethanol from Molasses, Corn Syrup, or Fruit Sugars.

Provisional Patent Disclosure 2001. A CONTINUOUS PROCESS FOR THE PRODUCTION AND MATURATION OF BEER OR WINE. Co-inventor: Mark Moelhman

Internal Patent Disclosure, 2000. A Low Pressure Drop, High Cell Density Bio-Reactor for Aerobic Microbial Processes.

Internal Patent Disclosure, 2003. Dust Suppressants for Race Tracks, Roads, and Arenas.