Problem Solver

Daniel Hong

Daniel Hong

Areas Daniel Hong is Knowledgeable in:

Communication, Linguistics, Inventions, Software concept, Computer Graphics, Digital Video/Filming, Teaching

Techniques Daniel Hong Uses:

I developed a practical and cost-effective way of staying warm in cold-weather camping, even during sleep.

Daniel Hong's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business major, former business owner, computer graphic designer, math/computer teacher, linguist, savvy Internet user

Daniel Hong's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a very practical and effective method of martial arts that only takes 3 months to train and become skillful enough to spar black belts in just about any form of martial arts.
  2. I developed a very unique and accelerated method of learning conversational English targeted for 1st-generation Koreans.
  3. I developed a unique and effective method of tutoring elemetary through high school students on math and writing.
  4. I helped solve a large-scale piece work (40,000+ pieces) problem due to lack of quick labor availability and limited deadline by coming up with a network method of gathering home-based work seekers and by saving time using assembly type of technique.
  5. I helped solve communication problem between 1st-generation Korean parents and 2nd-generation Korean children due to their language barrier and cultural difference.
  6. I helped solve inter-congregational communication problem by interpreting and actively involving in church affairs.
  7. I developed a methodolgy for pronouncing English words for non-English speaking Koreans by using a unique pronunciation guide.
  8. I helped develope a time-saving and cost-effective method of employee time management during my 2 years of employment in GTE (Now Verizon), saving them thousands of dollars.