Problem Solver

Darren George

I'm particularly good at blue sky thinking and taking ideas to the extreme.

Areas Darren George is Knowledgeable in:

I feel i'm innovative in most areas of engineering, but, particularly experienced in aerospace, motorsport, sport and automotive.

Techniques Darren George Uses:

Brainstorming. Research. CAD and prototype manufacture/testing.

Darren George's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Manufacture
  2. Innovation
  3. Design

Darren George's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Designed a carbon fibre/titanium star finder camera for Space Satellites.
    The camera needed to be protected from light entering at angles, needed to operate in vast temperature range and be reliable for many years in space. The use of carbon and titanium and the manufacturing methods proved very successful.
  2. Designed lateral acceleration sensitive dampers for motorsport.
    This system cut the damping on the inside wheel during cornering which allowed the inside tyre to contribute a larger proportion of the overal grip to the car during cornering.
  3. Designed blow off damper mechanism for motorsport.
    In order to allow drivers to bump the cars over the kerbs on the circuit this mechanism detected very high damper velocities and cut 90% of the damping force on that wheel. This mean't less force transmitted into the cars chassis and less upset to the aero-platform of the car.
  4. Developed infinite door check mechanism for automotive use.
    It was a hydraulic mechanism that allowed the doors of the cars to be stopped and held at any point in their travel, with a soft release when the door needed to be moved again.
  5. Designed and developed active brake balance system for F1 cars
    The system actively effected the hydraulic balance between front and rear brake systems, which is required because the aero-performance of the front and rear of the car varies the load on the car with speed changes.