Problem Solver

David Steele

I have found that the best solution tends to be the simplest, although this is rarely the most obvious. An intelligent non-expert is often the best person to find the answer in the rare occasion when a true expert is stumped.

Areas David Steele is Knowledgeable in:

Drug formulation, especially poorly water-soluble drugs.

Techniques David Steele Uses:

Explore techniques used in other industries
Question the established methodologies
Invert the problem
Explore the use of different materials
Remain up-to-date with novel techniques for analysis and formulation

David Steele's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Analytical Chemistry
  2. Drug formulation, topical
  3. Drug formulation, peroral

David Steele's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Two novel oral drug delivery platforms, circumventing problems with gelatin capsules. Both these problems were arrived at through my own off-topic research.
  2. Development of techniques to reduce the limit of quantification for analytical methods is an ongoing part of my job. I am solely responsible for this part of the company's activities.
  3. Developed new drug formulation for two drugs which have incompatible pH stability ranges. I came up with the vital solution.