Problem Solver

David Vertegaal

David Vertegaal
I am looking for interested parties who want to co-develop our CO2-free cement solution.

Areas David Vertegaal is Knowledgeable in:

Green sustainable technology
Challenging assignments that require creativity

Techniques David Vertegaal Uses:

COCD trained methods to identify/define problems, to diverge, to converge and to execute
Mind mapping

David Vertegaal's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Experienced in the use of creativity techniques (trained at COCD), strong associative problem solving skills
  2. Environmental engineering, experienced in water, waste and energy aspects of industrial production
  3. Experienced in audio product development (consumer and business markets)
  4. Experienced in audio communication and marketing

David Vertegaal's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I recently used ASIT (division/parasite) to come up with a breakthrough concept for a new consumer audio product that avoids the high costs for memory by using available resources such as sd cards or a usb stick.l,l'[
  2. I have developed and patented a method to reuse and get money for a problematic ammonia-rich liquor from sludge digestion (in previous consultant role)
  3. I have developed a concept for CO2-free cement production (slow development by lack of resources, especially time) to reduce CO2 emissions (presently 5 % of global CO2 emission)
  4. Extensive experience in creative waste water, waste and energy management for industrial clusters of companies (e.g. one companies' problem is the others solution; using economy of scale by cooperatively solving problems)