Problem Solver

David Wadeson

Areas David Wadeson is Knowledgeable in:

Aerospace Manufacturing
Failure Investigation
Materials Science and Engineering
Corrosion Science and Engineering
Business Improvement

Techniques David Wadeson Uses:

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement
Business Improvement
Metallurgical Analytical Tools

David Wadeson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Electrochemical Testing
  2. Corrosion Control
  3. Manufacturing process design
  4. Materials Engineering
  5. Corrosion Engineering
  6. Gas Turbine Materials Application
  7. Failure Investigation
  8. Engineering Engineering Capability Aquisition
  9. New Product Introduction
  10. Six Sigma problem solving - Green Belt
  11. Continuous Improvement
  12. Process Control
  13. Electron Microscopy
  14. Machine design
  15. FMEA
  16. Poke Yoke

David Wadeson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have delivered a working process to shot peen complexed shaped components using robotic and CNC systems.
  2. - I have solved a range of aerospace gas turbine component failure investigations using analytical materials investigation techniques. This has ranged from compressor to turbine components.
  3. I have solved a number of engineering process problems using six sigma techniques from Failure Mode Effects and Analysis to Design of Experiments.
  4. I have provided an understanding of how to control corrosion in friction stir welds using metallurigical and electrochemical methods.