Problem Solver

Davies Kwakye

Davies Kwakye
To y'all seeking solutions, I tell you, there is no problem too big to be solved or comprehended otherwise it wouldn't be a problem but as long as the human mind recognises it as such, then the human mind can solve it. Its a matter of putting the brains to work and rubbing them together. We all can do this, its not to a select few but it becomes most effective when we all do it together especially since we all are from diferent walks in life and have different experiences and different ways of handling different matters. TOGETHER WE CAN!!!

Areas Davies Kwakye is Knowledgeable in:

Education, Finance, Internet, movie industry, music, transportation, legal, life sciences, manufacturing, social, science, television, design, marketing, medical, medical devices

Techniques Davies Kwakye Uses:

Complete analysis, digestion and dissolving of the problem, issue or task at hand then face it head on from all angles of possibilities leaving out nothing untouched or unconsidered

Davies Kwakye's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Innovative
  2. extraordinary
  3. Dynamic

Davies Kwakye's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. The founding of the Createat Intenational Oganization Ghana. I played a lead role to the establishing of the Orgnization and is the main brain behind the effort and I now happen to be the senior vice president of te organization.