Problem Solver

Dawn Rutherford

Areas Dawn Rutherford is Knowledgeable in:

Supply chain, building of relationships, marketing, managment

Techniques Dawn Rutherford Uses:

Look at what the end requirement is, and work backwards. What is the needed outcome, what has to be in place to ensure this happens, what tools are needed (i.e resources), costs required. Then break these down and look at the situation from as many sides as possible.

Dawn Rutherford's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Ability to look outside the box on problems
  2. strong relationship building skills
  3. Used to working with people who speak english as a second/thirds language
  4. Used to working with companies in Asia, EMEA, LATAM and USA
  5. creative around how to do business with other countries from the UK/USA to ensure better margins

Dawn Rutherford's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - single handed I build a community of 85 engineering organisations (Cisco mainly) around the world to ensure a cost effective supply chain.
    - developed in-country billing model to ensure good margins, remove tax issues.
    - wrote and implimented global strategies for how to manage these organisations.

    - created global marketing strategy to compliment the development of global reach