Problem Solver

Debbie Jarrettbangs

Your challenge is my grist. I have lots of enthusiasm and a desire to help you find a path.

Areas Debbie Jarrettbangs is Knowledgeable in:

Consumer Products

Techniques Debbie Jarrettbangs Uses:

Multiple idea generation techniques such as Force Field, Mind Mapping and Synectics methods.

Debbie Jarrettbangs's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. trend analysis design
  2. presentation development
  3. individual counseling
  4. science of nutrition and culinary arts
  5. creative problem solving
  6. consumer products innovation
  7. international work teams
  8. marketing consulting

Debbie Jarrettbangs's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have designed and taught nutrition classes and have written food articles for magazines.
  2. I designed and facilitated ideation sessions for clients in the consumer products market.
  3. I designed a system for trend tracking in the food industry.
  4. I created a global sampling system for contemporary flavor solutions.
  5. I created hundreds of new product concepts with supporting market analyses and insight, followed by clients' new product launches.