Problem Solver

Deborah Carter

Areas Deborah Carter is Knowledgeable in:

Clinical Microbiology
Agents of Bioterrorism
Medical Laboratory Science

Techniques Deborah Carter Uses:

I notice small problems that can cause large ones if left unchecked
I break things down into the simple pieces and then build them back up
Collaboration - listening and bouncing ideas off others is vital

Deborah Carter's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Write training materials for staff members on select agent organisms
  2. Taught science at the secondary and college levels and developed curriculum
  3. Work as a bench clinical microbiologist in a large acute care facility

Deborah Carter's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I reorganized supplies, locating them closer to the areas of use and therefore increasing efficiency.
  2. I solved a laboratory issue of blood agar plates and MAC plates being separated by suggesting the use of a biplate. This has been in place for 2 years now.