Problem Solver

Deborah O'Kane

Deborah O'Kane
I have broad and deep experience in the communications and marketing world, and am innovative, plugged into new technology but not at the expense of traditional methods of engagement.

Areas Deborah O'Kane is Knowledgeable in:

communications, campaigns, using technology in new ways to reach stakeholders, consumers, analysing marketing/communications work to ascertain ROI and to shape future work

Techniques Deborah O'Kane Uses:

brainstorming, reviewing metrics, data analysis, qualitative research techniques and benchmarking

Deborah O'Kane's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. marketing and communications planning and strategy
  2. website design
  3. customer survey design and analysis

Deborah O'Kane's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed the information architecture and wrote much of the documentation for an online public consultation that received over 10,000 submissions
  2. I designed a marketing communications strategy for an education initiative that increased awareness and interest in the proposals to 75% of key stakeholders