Dedra Branch

My name is Dedra Branch, President of “Green” Portable Container Solutions (GPCS), from Virginia, an accomplished inspiring inventor. I currently have a Non Provisional Patent application (NPA) # 20090097779 patent pending design with the United States Patent Trade Office (USPTO). GPCS has a competitive advantage over similar products due to low developmental cost. Currently businesses, manufactures and consumers are using non recyclable, petroleum-based, conventional, plasticized bags and bottles. The uses of these products have caused billions of pounds of waste in our landfill and water ways and have put the environment in serious danger.

I would like to introduce a unique and alternative solution to the use of conventional plastics, the all new All-N-One Biodegradable Travel Kit. This kit is universal, portable and eco-friendly. It is made from natural resources, bio-based sustainable resin bio propylene, which is a substitute to conventional petroleum based resin type plastics. This product features several optional designs which can suite any application or situation.

The All-N-One kit is simple to use and includes at least 85% biodegradable products such as: the patent pending concept multi opening travel pal packet containers, transparent carrying case and travel products including, mini funnels, toilet seat covers, handy wipes, fresh bath wipes and the like which are all made from biodegradable materials. The multi opening packets are flexible yet highly durable, disposable, leak proof, re-usable, and can be distributed in individual packets or joined in a strip of multiple packets.

The travel pal containers that are included in the All-N-One biodegradable travel kit can be used to help consumers re-distribute liquid, gels or solid type content from larger bottles, package or repackage fluids and store liquids or gels in a swift, safe and effective manner. The biodegradable travel carrying case has many uses and can store multiple travel type products such as; cell phones, MP3 players, water bottles purchased in airports and more. This travel kit will enhance security at airports and balance consumer needs better than current petroleum based plastic packet type container or bottles being used by air travelers or other consumers.

GPCS guarantees that our products are essential and can make a dramatic difference over products already on the shelf. Because our products are made from environmentally friendly renewable resources, simple and easy to use they can be returned to the earth as a fertilizer, an unmitigated good for our environment. Also, utilizing our products is important because it will help encourage the airline industry, businesses, and manufacturers across the globe “Go Green” profile and help save the environment.

An executive summary can be sent upon request outlining the specifics of GPCS products and services.

Dedra Branch's inventions:

"All-N-One" Biodegradable Travel Kit