Problem Solver

Deirdre Callaghan

To be open and honest as this is fundemental grounds for recieving the advice they need. To speak from the heart and not to be afraid. If possible to b e as clear and exact as possible

Areas Deirdre Callaghan is Knowledgeable in:

Common knowlege, the every day stuff
Family, work and relationship problems
Social care/health care

Techniques Deirdre Callaghan Uses:

Listen or in this case read over the problem until i have gained a firm grasp.
Evaluation of the problem.
Gather all the revelant information, and persons involved.
If the problem is linked to employment, i would research the orgainisation and terms of employment through means of a persons contract.
Only give advice which is 100% accurate, where there is no mistakes made
Confidentality is a major part of problem solving. I have learned this over the years. A person with a problem may at times only give half of the information, while they await the trust factor to kick in. Reasurance on the clients behalf is essential as with this in place a person will then release all their issues where i could then be able to provide them with the perfect guidance and solution to their problems.

Deirdre Callaghan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Problem soving, listening, communication, evaluation skills

Deirdre Callaghan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have worked in enviroments which demand fresh ideas and thinking on a daily basis. Problem solving would be a large sector in my work. I work with people who need attention and routine. I need to be able to be work my job around thier needs and thier daily changes and demands. I have great communication skills which in turn reflects upon the service provided and deliverd to my clients. I think largely outside the box, as some clients would have challenging behaviours, linked to family, relationships work etc. This basically means i have to be able to think quickly and find new resources where i can have new information at hand quite quickly. I would on a daily basis act as an advocate (a voice for a person). My roles would have inclued, duty manager, child care professional, research assistant and sales assistant.